SAAM 2018

Workshop on Semantic Applications for Audio and Music

9th October 2018, Monterey, California, USA.
Held in conjunction with ISWC 2018.


Eight papers have been accepted for SAAM 2018. They have been grouped in three main themes and will be presented as part of a panel discussion (short individual presentations followed by panel discussion).

14:00-14:40 Panel 1: Ontologies and Music Theory
  • Cultural Heritage Documentation and Exploration of Live Music Events with Linked Data Florian Thalmann, Thomas Wilmering and Mark B. Sandler
  • A Music Theory Ontology Sabbir Rashid, David De Roure and Deborah McGuinness
  • The Software Defined Media Ontology for Music Events Ray Atarashi, Takuro Sone, Yu Komohara, Manabu Tsukada, Takashi Kasuya, Hiraku Okumura, Masahiro Ikeda and Hiroshi Esaki
14:40-15:20 Panel 2: Linked Data platforms for music and audio
  • The Semantic Web MIDI Tape: An Interface for Interlinking MIDI and Context Metadata Albert Meroño-Peñuela, Reinier de Valk, Enrico Daga, Marilena Daquino and Anna Kent-Muller
  • Music SOFA: an architecture for semantically informed recomposition of Digital Music Objects David De Roure, Graham Klyne, John Pybus, David M. Weigl and Kevin Page
  • Swinging Triples: Bridging jazz performance datasets using Linked Data Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller, Daniel Bangert, Yun Hao and Stephen Downie
15:20-16:00 Coffee break
16:00-16:30 Panel 3: Semantic applications for music and audio
  • enhancing a live music performance tool with semantic recommendations Fabio Viola, Ariane Stolfi, Alessia Milo, Miguel Ceriani, Mathieu Barthet and György Fazekas
  • Interaction perspectives for music notation applications Laurent Pugin
16:30-17:00 Industrial and Challenge panel